Other Services

While we have listed some of our major services throughout this section, they are by no means the only services that we offer. We are committed to offering you complete landscape service from the start of your project to the end. Here are some of the other services that we offer. If you don’t see a service you’re interested in however, please contact us by phone at 952-445-8762 or email us at fiedlerlandscaping1@msn.com to see if we can meet your needs.

Landscape Design

Many of our customers come to us with only a vague idea of what they would like to do in their yard. While we don not offer landscape design as a separate service, it is often part of many of the projects we complete.


An irrigation system allows you to keep your grass green and your plants thriving for the whole growing season, even if you’re away on vacation or it’s 100 degrees for two weeks straight. We make sure your sprinkler system is installed to the highest quality to ensure it will last for years to come.

Commercial Snow Removal and Lawn Maintenance

During the winter months we do snow removal for local businesses, and for the summer months we provide general lawn maintenance. If you’re interested in contracting us for commercial landscape needs, please contact us by phone or email.